If you would like to schedule an introductory phone call with Jessica, please utilize the registration link provided. To schedule other sessions or gain additional information, please email info@shuteyesleepcoach.com

New Client

10 minute call


This introductory call will provide an overview of our services that reflect the needs of you and your family. During the time you will understand Jessica's process and philosophy giving a deeper foundation to sleep training and attachment relationships.

1st of package

50 minute call

After speaking with Jessica during your introductory call, she may encourage you to sign up for her sleep coaching package. During this call, we will go over the results of your intake form and establish a schedule that will support your specific needs. We will establish an initial plan of action and provide pathways for feedback and support during your sleep journey.

2nd of package

50 minute call


This call is the second of your package. During our Sleep Sessions calls we will review current sleep patterns, provide pathways for engagement and reinforce with best practices to create a holistic sleeping plan. 

Returning Client

50 minute call

If it has been over 6 months, since our last Sleep Session please schedule with me a Returning Client call. These calls are often utilized by families who are seeing a regression in sleep patterns, maturing nap schedules, introduction of a new sibling or change in environment.